[Blog post] Game for breakfast?

18 10 2011

Since being on night shift, my social life has become quite weird. On one of the days between shifts I woke up at about 7pm and my flatmate invited me to dinner with some friends. It was very much a last minute arrangement, and he asked me as I was about to reach for the cornflakes, still in my dressing gown. Given that they were going to one of the best restaurants in the area I decided I couldn’t say no! But instead of being served fondue, we decided to eat game, since it’s game season here at CERN! I’m not quite sure what I ate, but it was delicious, and was one of the richest breakfast’s I’ve ever had.

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Where'd CERN go?

Where'd CERN go?

This morning I was welcomed by a thick mist, obscuring my view of CERN and the Alps. On a clear day the view from the balcony is wonderful, and the mist will probably clear soon. Right now the view is of… nothing. It’s still very pretty though!




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