[Blog post] Anatomy of an aurora

26 01 2012

This week the Earth has seen some increased magnetic activity in the upper atmosphere, and that means we got to see aurore! Across Northern Europe and the Northern USA people looked to the skies to see the northern lights. An aurora is one of the most beautiful sights in the natural world, and a phenomenon that actually tells us a lot about the Earth and how it interacts with its environment.

Aurora over Alaska (wikimedia)

Aurora over Alaska (wikimedia)

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[Blog post] Getting layed: a quick break from physics

20 01 2012

On a past blog post I came across the most wonderful comment from Kelly, one of our readers:

Lay people are far smarter than it is supposed, they are also fickle and quick to get bored or offended if talked down to

This got me thinking about the last time I spoke to an expert in another field about their research, about the last time I got “layed”, if you’ll excuse the awful pun. I also hope you’ll excuse an excursion into biochemistry for one post.

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