Advent Calendar 2012 December 11th

13 12 2012

11 rhymes with 1927, so let’s talk about the fifth Solvay Conference!

See some of video footage of the conference itself:

Although the Heisenberg matrix method and Schrodinger wave mechanics had already been reconciled in 1926, and most physicists had come to a consensus shortly after the Solvay Conference, Bohr and Einstein continued to disagree. They discussed their disagreements extensively in the famous Einstein-Bohr debates, and this culminated in the famous EPR paradox in 1935. The resolution of the paradox would not come until long after Einstein had died. You can read Einstein’s infamous paper here:




4 responses

13 12 2012
David Williams

When is the conference?

13 12 2012

Thanks for the comments! The conference took place in October 1927, and it took place in Brussels, Belgium. The Solvay Conferences are still being held roughly every three years, and they cover both physics and chemistry, with the most recent physics conferences focusing on quantum mechanics. There’s a bit more background on the official Solvay Institute website ( and the Wikipedia page (

I’m afraid the hair stays. I can’t go into the reasons for it at the moment, but I can’t get it cut in the near future!

13 12 2012
David Williams

And where.

13 12 2012
David Williams

And cut your hair hippie.

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