Merry Christmas!

25 12 2012

Merry Christmas to all!

More about the Sesame experiment:

Back when I was a Higgs skeptic:


Advent Calendar 2012 December 24th

24 12 2012

Where was the Higgs boson hiding? We searched or it directly and indirectly. Now that we have the answer, we can look indirectly for other things!

Electroweak fit:

Advent Calendar 2012 December 23rd

23 12 2012

Particle physics is awesome enough all by itself. It gets even more awesome when we see the spin off technologies that have been developed over the decades!

The basics of radiation and hadron therapy are summed up quite well on wikipedia:

Images taken from:
Bragg peak:
Paul Scherrer Institut gantry:
Radiative therapy dose map:

Advent Calendar 2012 December 22nd

23 12 2012

What is cooler than cooling? Stochastic cooling!

A nice paper on stochastic cooling:
Wiki page:

Advent Calendar 2012 December 21st

21 12 2012

How could the LHC cause the end of the world?! Well… it can’t. It poses no threat at all to the fabric of the cosmos.

Advent Calendar 2012 December 20th

21 12 2012

When it comes to the Standard Model the g-2 measurements give us both the best agreement between theory and experiment, and one of the biggest discrepancies that just won’t seem to go away! Lepton universality is one of the most stringently tested symmetries we have, and yet it does not stand up to the most precise measurements. This is a very big hint that there should be new physics out there!

Advent Calendar 2012 December 19th

20 12 2012

How does the moon affect the LHC? What about the TGV and LEP?

LEP and the moon:
LEP and the TGV:
LHC and the moon: