[blog post] LHC Scientists face major setback

1 04 2014

The LHC is currently in shutdown in preparation for the next physics run in 2015. However the record breaking accelerator is danger is falling far behind schedule as the engineers struggle with technical difficulties 100m below ground level.

The LHC tunnels house the 27km long particle accelerator in carefully controlled conditions. When the beams circulate they must be kept colder than anywhere else in the solar system, and with a vacuum more empty the voids of outer space. Any disruption to the cryogenic cooling systems or the vacuum systems can place serious strain on the operations timetable, and engineers have found signs of severe damage.

Scientists patrol the LHC, inspecting the damaged areas.

Scientists patrol the LHC, inspecting the damaged areas.

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[Fun!] The Radioactive Orchestra

17 11 2011

Make music with radioactive decays! This is very relaxing, and gives a good insight into the radioactive chains of nuclei. Who knew Neptunium had so many energy levels?

Radioactive Orchestra

Radioactive Orchestra

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